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Madison Oilfield & Energy Worldwide Services, Inc. is a well known company specializing in power generation and oilfield equipment . We provide spare parts for many major U.S. manufacturers.

Turbine Parts - Rolls Royce - Pratt & Whitney - Elliot - Ruston - Alstom - GE - Westinghouse - Solar - Compressor Parts - Diesel Engines - EMD Parts - All Types of Pumps - Valves - Circuit Boards - Speedtronic Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VIe - Drive Systems - Power Generation Equipment - Complete BOP and Spare Parts - Locomotive Parts

Company Profile

Garrett Airesearch Gas Turbine spares and Garrett Airesearch parts / Garrett Airesearch repair parts.  Garrett Airesearch starters. (Air Research, Airresearch) Airesearch ATS100 Starter.  Garrett Airesearch replacement parts. Also available:  AlliedSignal spares / AlliedSignal parts / AlliedSignal spare parts and United Technologies spares /  United Technologies parts / United Technologies spare parts.

Blowout preventers / BOP / BOPs /  Annular BOP / RAM BOP / Rotating BOP / BOP Stack - We supply many makes and models of BOP spares & BOP spare parts. Manufactures include: Cameron BOP - Hydril BOP - Hydril RAM BOP - Shaffer BOP

Ebara / Thomassen / Bendix / Elliott Steam Turbines spares and Ebara / Thomassen / Bendix Elliott Gas Compressors spares and spare parts. Elliott replacement parts, Elliott Model / Models 25M 29M 38M 46M 60M 70M 88M 100M 125M 150M 175M 210M 250M of Ebara / Thomassen / Bendix / Elliott Steam Turbines and Gas Compressors. 

Solar Turbine Parts & Solar Compressor Parts: including Solar Turbine replacement parts / including turbine parts for: Solar Saturn Turbine parts, Solar Centaur Turbine parts, Solar Taurus Turbine parts & Solar Mars Gas Turbines.

We can provide Veritrak 55 and Veritrak 75 Transmitters spares, surplus parts, Veritrak replacement parts, and remanufactured parts.  We currently have available a large inventory of new surplus Veritrak 55 & Veritrak 75 Westinghouse Transmitters Series equipment

Contact Us: sales@madisonoilfield.com